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Abstract submissions are welcome for consideration for the 38th EFFoST International Conference, which will be held in Bruges, Belgium on 12-14 November 2024. Deadline to submit your abstracts: 15 May 2024

Conference Theme

The overall theme of the EFFoST2024 Conference is ‘Future Food Systems: Innovation through Progress at Scientific Interfaces‘ . This theme culminates in five sub-themes describing the interdisciplinary food technology challenges EFFoST2024 wants to particularly focus on. Abstracts are welcome in any of the following topics that are clustered by corresponding conference sub-themes:

 1. Human interface

  • Food–nutrition–health
  • Food for target groups
  • Simulation of food human interactions (in vivo, in vitro, in silico)
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Food allergens and contaminants

 2. Raw material interface

  • New food processing strategies
  • Innovative food sources
  • Food (ingredient) interactions
  • From farm to factory


3. Micro-organism interface

  • Predictive power of the food microbiome
  • Food fermentations
  • Microbial safety and spoilage
  • Hygienic design


4. Sustainability interface

  • Water and energy use
  • Food packaging
  • Reducing food loss and waste
  • Side-stream valorization

5. Computer science interface

  • Sensors
  • Modelling, simulation and prediction
  • Foodomics, big data and AI

Terms and conditions

  • The abstract submitted adheres to the abstract submission guidelines outlined on the Conference Website.
  • The abstract submitted is in English.
  • This abstract has only been submitted once for EFFoST2024
  • Abstracts that have been previously published or presented should not be submitted to EFFoST2024.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenting author to submit the abstract. They are the main contact whose responsibility it is to communicate with other co-authors.
  • The presenting author is available to present at the conference between 12-14 November 2024.
  • The presenting author must register and pay in full by the deadline indicated in the abstract review outcome email. If they do not register and pay in full, the abstract will be removed from the programme and any associated publications.
  • The text of the abstract, along with the names and affiliations, poster and/or additional documents as requested, will be published on the conference website, in the abstract document and on the conference app, and this will not raise any copyright issues.
  • A submission as a particular presentation type or theme may be changed to a different type or theme or type following review in order to be accepted and included in the programme.
  • Presenters may be recorded for live streaming. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the slides may be published online after the conference.

If you have any quiries regarding the above, please contact the EFFoST2024 Conference Secretariat at