Subthemes and Topics

EFFoST 2024 will explore the theme: ‘Future Food Systems: Innovation through Progress at Scientific Interfaces‘. This theme culminates in five sub-themes describing the interdisciplinary food technology challenges EFFoST2024 wants to particularly focus on. Abstracts are welcome for any of the following topics that have been clustered by corresponding conference sub-themes:

 1. Human interface

  • Food–nutrition–health
  • Food for target groups
  • Simulation of food human interactions (in vivo, in vitro, in silico)
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Food allergens and contaminants

 2. Raw material interface

  • New food processing strategies
  • Innovative food sources
  • Food (ingredient) interactions
  • From farm to factory

 3. Micro-organism interface

  • Predictive power of the food microbiome
  • Food fermentations
  • Microbial safety and spoilage
  • Hygienic design

 4. Sustainability interface

  • Water and energy use
  • Food packaging
  • Reducing food loss and waste
  • Side-stream valorization

5. Computer science interface

  • Sensors
  • Modelling, simulation and prediction
  • Foodomics, big data and AI