Subthemes and Topics

Abstracts are welcome for any of the following topics that have been clustered by corresponding conference subthemes:

Subtheme 1: Green Food Processing – Innovations to meet the future challenges of food production

  • 1a: Innovative and novel sustainable food processes
  • 1b: Sensor technology to enhance food quality
  • 1c: Robotics, automation, and control of food processes
  • 1d: Modelling, its role in quality by design

Subtheme 2: Developments in foods to underpin an appealing, healthy, sustainable diet

  • 2a: Enhancing the sensory appeal of foods
  • 2b: Formulation of foods to enhance their sustainability and/or nutritional value
  • 2c: Engineering food structures to enhance nutrient quality and bioavailability
  • 2d: Bioactives and secondary metabolites: generation and characterisation
  • 2e: Advances and challenges in alternative proteins
  • 2f: Designing and producing foods to meet future challenges

Subtheme 3: Advances to enhance food safety, security, authenticity and integrity

  • 3a: Bioinformatics and its role in food safety, hygienic design & contamination control
  • 3b: Protecting the food chain, biosecurity, food fraud and authenticity
  • 3c: Emerging technologies for the rapid detection of food safety issues
  • 3d: Identifying and preparing for emerging food safety risks
  • 3e: Food toxicology and allergenicity

Subtheme 4: Implementing the circular economy across the food chain

  • 4a: Emerging technologies for valorising side steams, food waste & by-products
  • 4b: The Internet of Food for Things
  • 4c: Advances in food packaging to safeguard food the environment
  • 4d: Approaches to minimise water use and water waste.
  • 4e: Techniques to enhance energy efficiency & minimize environmental impact

Subtheme 5: Market perception of food processing and sustainable, healthy diets

  • 5a: Consumers’ attitudes to processed foods and desire for clean labels
  • 5b: Consumer trends and responses to emerging and future foods
  • 5c: The role of foodservice & food retailers in the provision of food to satisfy sustainable healthy diets
  • 5d: Supporting consumer choices and preferences: technologies to help consumers make informed decisions
  • 5e: Dietary recommendations consistent with a sustainable healthy diet, current & future policies