Ingrid Måge

Transforming the food industry through rapid industrial quality measurements

Senior Scientist Ingrid Mage1

1Nofima, Ås, Norge

One of the biggest challenges in the food industry is that raw materials vary in quality, for example, between seasons, from farm to farm, and from variety to variety. This variation leads to inconsistent product quality, resulting in waste for both producers and consumers. To address this problem, it is crucial to have accurate measurements of the important quality parameters in both raw materials and finished products.

Today, it is common to take manual samples and measure them in the laboratory, which is both time-consuming and resource intensive. A sample is also not always representative of the entire volume, and the results arrive to late to be used for adjusting the process in real time. Therefore, we are working on developing rapid and non-destructive measurements of food quality based on vibrational spectroscopy, which is suitable for industrial use. Examples include near-infrared, infrared, and Raman spectroscopy. Moving from sampling to continuous measurements opens up entirely new possibilities for the industry. In this presentation, I will discuss how the food industry can use such inline measurements of food quality to better utilize raw materials, reduce waste, and ensure that consumers get the quality they expect. I will show examples from collaborative projects with the Norwegian food industry. Much of the work is related to our center for research-driven innovation, SFI-DigiFoods (, which is financed by the Norwegian Research Council.


Ingrid Måge is a senior scientist at Nofima, the Norwegian food research institute. Nofima conducts research and development for the aquaculture industry, the fishing industry, and the food industry. Ingrid’s field of research is multivariate data analysis, with a special focus on data fusion. Much of her research revolves around methods of characterising and handling raw material variation in the food industry, as well as better utilization of the large amounts of data collected throughout the value chain. She is committed to developing data analysis methods and strategies that enhance insight and value creation in the food industry. Ingrid holds a master’s degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Following her doctorate, she worked at CAMO Software before joining Nofima.