Dr. Basharat Dar

Dr. Basharat Dar obtained his PhD in Food Technology from Punjab Agricultural University, India, and has achieved noteworthy distinctions, including receiving the UGC Research Award and the esteemed CV Raman Fellowship. Presently a faculty member within the Department of Food Technology at IUST, J&K, India, he stands out as an Investigator for several projects including the DST-PURSE sponsored by the Indian government. Demonstrating a keen dedication to research, he held a position as a visiting scientist(2016-17) at Cornell University, USA under the CV Raman Fellowship. His contributions extend beyond his academic institution, as he has held the prestigious position of a Technical Expert Member in the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA) since July 2021. Dr. Dar’s scholarly impact resonates through his influential research papers, reviews, and edited books, playing a pivotal role in advancing the field of food science.