Sponsorship opportunities

Why should you partner with EFFoST 2022?
Partnership with the 36th EFFoST International Conference will be a key step for your company in fostering relationships with our community. EFFoST2022 will allow your company, product and brand to be uniquely and actively showcased at this exciting forum to a multidisciplinary audience. It will also allow your company to meet potential business partners, generate new ideas, gather new knowledge, foster collaborations and meet a very defined professional food science community. Your relationship with EFFoST2022 will provide a highly efficient and effective business and marketing platform for your organisation to connect and engage with our delegates.

More reasons why you should partner with us

  • Connect directly with hard-to-reach influencers & decision-makers within the food science and technology community
  • Network with some of the best researchers, business leaders and top policy makers in the field
  • Enhance your credibility, expand your loyalty, and build opportunities with new and existing clients
  • Lead Generation – Develop a database of new contact within our community so you can collect data and gain insights
  • Reinforce and strengthen your brand positioning within the academic food science community
  • Generate new ideas and gather new insights from potential customers
  • Alignment with innovative current- and next- generation thinkers
  • Capitalise on an ideal opportunity to inform and update delegates on new initiatives and developments in your own organisation
  • An opportunity for your staff to connect face to face with our most influential attendees, bodies and organisations
  • Network with food scientists and technologists so you can demonstrate and sample your products and services
  • Meet talented candidates for employment and enhance your corporate citizenship
  • Develop and enhance partnerships and collaborations  

For further information or to set up an appointment with the commercial team, please reach out to one of our representatives below

Contact details

Colm O’Grady
EFFoST 2022 Commercial & Sponsorship Director
Mobile: +353 87 22 33 477
Email: colm@conferencepartners.ie

Krasna Kos
EFFoST 2022 Partnership & Sponsorship Manager
Mobile: +353 87 434 5812
Email: krasna.kos@conferencepartners.com

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