Prof. Tara Grauwet

Tara Grauwet obtained her PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven, Belgium, in 2010, with her work on biosensors for temperature uniformity mapping in high pressure processing reactors. In 2011, she became a postdoctoral researcher establishing fingerprinting and profiling approaches to study quality changes of processed fruits and vegetables. She did post-doc exchanges to Hohenheim University, Germany as well as to Unilever R&D, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. In October 2014, she became an assistant professor at the Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems (M²S) of KU Leuven, Belgium with a teaching and research position linking food science and technology aspects with nutrition and health. Spring 2020, she has been promoted to the rank of associate professor. Currently, Tara Grauwet and her team study plant-based food digestion as influenced by processing and structure using an engineering approach relying on in vitro an in silico modelling. Currently, as a PI, her team consists of 1 post-doc, 7 PhD students and 6 master students. The team is a subpart of the Laboratory of Food Technology, KU Leuven. Tara has co-authored more than 150 international peer reviewed publications and has more than 100 active international conference contributions (h-factor=40). Tara and her team are proud owners of several international research awards.