Prof. Katleen Raes

Following her graduation in bioscience engineering, Katleen Raes completed her PhD in 2003 at Ghent University, Belgium. Presently, she holds the position of full professor at the Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health within Ghent University, Belgium. Within the research Unit VEG-i-TEC, she leads the research focusing on food fermentation and valorisation of agro-food byproducts. Under her guidance, her research group prioritizes  the extraction of bio-active compounds, predominantly employing enzymes and/or microorganisms/fermentation, combined with physical extraction techniques, enshewing chemical solvents. The extracted compounds undergo applications and bio-activity screening.  Additionally, her research team delves into the study of food fermentation, exploring the influence of the microbiome composition and environmental factors on biochemical, technological and nutritional changes in new food product sources. More information can be found here.