Prof. Imogen Foubert

Imogen Foubert graduated from Ghent University, Belgium as a bio-engineer specialized in food in June 1999. She obtained a PhD from the same university in 2003, which dealt with modelling the crystallization of cocoa butter. From 2003 until 2007 she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University coordinating the research projects dealing with fat crystallization. In October 2007 she was appointed professor at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium where she since then leads the research group Food & Lipids, situated at the satellite campus in Kulak, Kortrijk. The research group has two main research lines. The first one deals with new sources of nutritionally interesting lipids and how to bring these from the source to the consumer. A special focus is attributed to  omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae but seaweed, insects and food production side streams such as brewer’s spent grain are also considered. A lot of attention is paid to lipid analytics and lipid stability (oxidation and hydrolysis). The second research line deals with the functionality of the lipids in food products: i.e. what is their influence on the structure of the end product. At the interface of the two research lines we have developed a new type of lipid which is unsaturated and thus more healthy but still has structuring potential. Imogen has (co)-authored almost 150 international peer reviewed publications (h-factor=41). Apart from her research duties, prof. Foubert is a very active teaching and organizing (in her job as a program director) education at the Kulak campus.