Prof. Imca Sampers

Imca Sampers serves as an Associate Professor at Ghent University, with a primary focus on the Master of Science programs in Applied Engineering: Circular Bioprocess Technology and Bioscience Engineering Technology: Food Industry. In this capacity, Prof. Sampers is tasked with the preparation, organization, and supervision of both practical and theoretical courses. Areas of specialization include Food Process Technology, Microbiology, Quality Systems in the food industry (with emphasis on food microbiology and conservation), as well as Hygienic Design and Cleaning & Disinfection.

Prof. Sampers actively contributes to scientific and public services as a member of the research group VEG-i-TEC at Campus Kortrijk. Her expertise lies in vegetable and potato processing and water treatment, particularly focusing on microbial and chemical quality. Prof. Sampers is deeply engaged in various (applied) research projects on both national and international levels, including EU projects related to the VEG-i-TEC concept and other subsidized projects within the food industry. In addition, she also conducts research on a pilot scale, facilitating rapid translation into industrial applications. She also specializes in measuring in, on, and at-line process parameters, contributing to the optimization and control of various food processing techniques. By employing advanced measurement methodologies, she enhances the understanding of process dynamics, ensuring quality, efficiency, and sustainability in food production. This approach accelerates the implementation of research findings, fostering innovation and practical solutions within the food industry. In these roles, she serves as a project leader, overseeing the work of scientific researchers, PhD and thesis students.

Prof. Sampers has authored and co-authored numerous publications, showcasing her research contributions. Additionally, she actively participates in (inter)national congresses and symposia, further disseminating her expertise and findings in the field.