Prof. Frank Devlieghere

Prof. Frank Devlieghere (1968) holds an academic position as Full Professor at Ghent University since 2003 in the area of Food Microbiology and Food Preservation at the Faculty of Bio-Science Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium. His laboratory (Food Microbiology and Food Preservation) focuses on answering to societal challenges regarding worldwide safe food and food waste by creating quantitative and qualitative insights in the behavior of micro-organisms (pathogens and spoilage) in the entire food chain (from farm to fork). His work focusses on microbial aspects of food preservation and has four main topics: (1) mild food preservation, (2) mechanisms of microbial food spoilage, (3) predictive microbiology and (4) microbial aspects of food packaging. He is co-founder of Pack4Food and I-challenge.

Throughout his career Prof. Devlieghere, has published more than 350  peer reviewed scientific papers in the field of food microbiology, authored several book chapters and presented at numerous international Conferences/Workshops. Check here a list of his publications.