Dr Catherine Barry-Ryan

Dr Rena (Catherine) Barry-Ryan is a Senior lecturer in Food product development in the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) since Feb 2002. Rena is the Coursechair for BSc Food Innovation, BSc Brewing & Distilling and BSc Culinary Science. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Microbiology and was awarded her PhD in Food Technology. Rena is the founder and Manager of the Food Innovation lab (https://www.tudublin.ie/fil/) that supports Food & Drink Industry Research & Development.

Main Areas of Expertise include: New Product Development & Sensory Analysis. The development of novel functional ingredients, in particular from alternative & waste sources in the food industry. Brewing & Distilling Research & Support. Novel Decontamination & Sanitation.

Sample of recent Research projects: https://www.tudublin.ie/explore/schools-and-disciplines/science-and-health/food-science-environmental-health/people/catherinebarryryan.html

UCD Institute of Food and Health, Ireland