Ana Allende

Circular Economy and Wastewater Water Reuse: Impacts on Food Safety and Public Health Senior Researcher Ana Allende1 1CEBAS-CSIC, Murcia, España The sustainability of food systems, particularly in Southern European countries like Spain, is under threat due to water scarcity. Food production consumes 70% of the world’s fresh water resources. In the context of water management, […]

Ingrid Måge

Transforming the food industry through rapid industrial quality measurements Senior Scientist Ingrid Mage1 1Nofima, Ås, Norge One of the biggest challenges in the food industry is that raw materials vary in quality, for example, between seasons, from farm to farm, and from variety to variety. This variation leads to inconsistent product quality, resulting in waste […]

Marc Hendrickx

Rethinking food processing in a changing world: fruit and vegetable-based foods and ingredients Prof. Marc Hendrickx1 1KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium Throughout the past decades food processing has substantially changed. The initial solutions for large scale production of safe convenience foods resulted in products that suffered from a quality point of view (e.g., reduction/changes in taste, […]

Anett Winkler

Food borne Pathogens: Re-emerging Factors and potential Controls Anett Winkler1 1Cargill, Duesseldorf, Germany Within the last decade our understanding of the behavior of food borne pathogens has significantly increased. That is linked to several factors which include new genomic technologies like NGS being widely available and more affordable, cooperation and data exchange not only between […]

Wim Verbeke

A quarter century of protein transition in Belgium: Insights from agri-food marketing and consumer science Professor Wim Verbeke1 1Ghent University, Department of Agricultural Economics, Gent, Belgium Aim: The evolution towards a more sustainable, equitable and balanced protein system – also referred to as the ‘protein transition’ or the ‘protein shift’ – figures high on many […]