Conference host 2023

The host of the 37th EFFoST International conference is the University of Valencia and the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC).

The University of Valencia stands out as one of the main public research organisations in Spain, with more than 50.000 students enrolled in BSc, MSc, PhD, and other programs. The university boasts over 3.000 researchers who are integrated into 84 departments, 21 institutes and 5 other research units, covering social, biomedical, human, experimental and formal sciences. The University’s state-of-the-art premises and facilities, and instrumental equipment, guarantee the quality of the vast scientific and technological offerings available to society.

Food Science and Technology is a core academic and research field at the University of Valencia. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in food science and technology taught at the Faculty of Pharmacy, it is also represented in four other degree programs: Pharmacy, double degree in Pharmacy-Nutrition, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Gastronomic Sciences, all of which are taught at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The University of Valencia is a leading institution in this field, ranked first in Spain and 20th in the world in “Food Science and Technology” according to the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS), also known as the Shanghai Ranking.

The CSIC National Research Council is Spain’s largest public research institution and ranks as the third-largest research organisation in Europe. It is attached to the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and plays a key role in scientific and technological policy in Spain and the EU. With 120 Institutes across the country covering different areas of science and technology, the CSIC is a vital contributor to the advancement of knowledge and innovation. Over the last five decades, IATA-CSIC has become an internationally recognised reference center in food science and nutrition, a sector of significant importance to Spanish society and the economy. As one of the largest institutes of the Spanish National Research Council-CSIC, the IATA-CSIC generates scientific knowledge for the sustainable production of safe and healthy foods.  

The mission of the Spanish National Research Council-CSIC is to promote, coordinate, develop and disseminate multidisciplinary scientific and technological research to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, economic, social and cultural development, as well as to train researchers and provide advice to public and private entities in these fields. The IATA-CSIC’s vision is that the sustainable production and conservation of healthy and safe foods for a growing world population is one of the major challenges facing our society and a critical pillar of public health and economic welfare.

Located in Valencia, Spain, the IATA-CSIC (Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology) is the largest research institute in the field of food science and technology. With over 100 researchers, it is a well-renowned institution that is making significant contributions to fundamental and applied research to address societal challenges related to food. Its research activities cover a wide range of areas, including food safety, nutrition, food processing, and food sustainability. Through its innovative research, the IATA-CSIC is playing a leading role in shaping the future of the food industry and promoting sustainable and healthy food systems. Last year, IATA-CSIC was awarded the prestigious Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence accreditation. This award is the highest national recognition granted to Spanish research institutions that demonstrate exceptional research quality, significant impact, and scientific leadership at both national and international levels.

The EFFoST2023 conference will be chaired by two-world renowned experts in the field of food science and technology, Prof. Francisco J. Barba, and Prof María Carmen Collado. Prof. Barba is the director of the ALISOST group for “Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Food.” Prof. Barba is a highly cited researcher (2019-2022) and a top 2% scientist in the world according to Stanford University. Prof. Collado is one of the most prominent scientists in Spain in the field of food-microbiota and an ERC holder. Both Prof. Barba and Prof. Collado are closely associated with a large majority of the expert groups on the topics that will be discussed at the conference at an international level.

The University of Valencia and IATA-CSIC will work with research partners across national and international multidisciplinary programs to address the theme of ‘Sustainable Food and Industry 4.0: Towards the 2030 Agenda’. The organisation of the conference will be supported by various agri-food programs at local, national, and international levels, including AGROALNEXT “Complementary Plan in Agrifood”, which Prof. Barba co-coordinates.

We are delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to host the 37th EFFoST International Conference 2023 In Valencia, Spain and we look forward to welcoming you.

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