About EFFoST

The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) facilitates knowledge and technology exchange among food professionals. EFFoST creates opportunities for food scientists, engineers, technologists, policymakers and businesses in food and food-related areas to connect and collaborate with the objective to enhance the uptake of new technologies and developments. By supporting the further development of food science and technology, EFFoST aims to advance the production of sustainable and healthy food for all in a changing world.

The sustainability of our food supply chain is threatened by environmental and societal shifts, such as climate change and depletion of natural resources, as well as the increasing consumption per capita and changing dietary preferences. Guaranteeing the availability and accessibility of food for future generations will require creativity, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to generate sustainable and innovative solutions.

In support of this, EFFoST is dedicated to creating a community of European food experts to advance the field of food science and technology through:


EFFoST International Conference: at this annual event recent advancements in food science and technology
are discussed. This year marks the 38th EFFoST International Conference.

EFFoST awards: Food professionals are recognised for their outstanding contributions to the field with the Science to Society and Lifetime Achievement Awards. The next generation of food scientists are acknowledged with the Student of the Year award.

EFFoST Membership: allows food professional to expand their network and stay informed of the latest developments.

Sharing knowledge

EFFoST journals: In collaboration with the academic publishing house Elsevier, EFFoST has three official peer-reviewed journals, namely: Trends in Food Science & Technology, Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, Food Control.

Taste of Science: Taste of Science is an online magazine with easy-to-read articles to inspire food entrepreneurs to give them an edge in the increasingly competitive food market.

EFFoST media channels: EFFoST shares the latest developments in food science and technology, including research results and project outcomes on the EFFoST website, in our newsletter and on social media.

Building collaborations

Young EFFoST: This young scientist group is created by and for students and early-career food professionals. Young EFFoST organizes the annual Young EFFoST Day, and in cooperation with EHEDG lave launched the EYE Mentorship Programme that pairs young professionals with experts in the field of food science and technology.  

Working groups: The EFFoST working groups dedicated to  ‘Sustainable Food Systems’,  ‘Health & Food’, ‘Translational Gastronomy’ and ‘Digital Food’ allow for the cross-polination of knowledge, ideas and applications from various food science disciplines.

EU Projects: EFFoST is one of the leading communnication and dissemination partners dedicated to food science and technology and agriculture. 

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EFFoST community More than 130 societies, institutes and universities all over Europe are affiliated to the non-profit organisation EFFoST. We are Europe’s largest food science expert base and stakeholder group. EFFoST is the European group of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST), which in turn is a full member of the International Council for Science (ICSU).


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