28th EFFoST International Conference: Innovations in attractive and sustainable food for health | 7th International Food Factory for the Future Conference

Invited Speakers

Thierry Benezech, INRA/PIHM, France
Talk Title: Hygienic design of washing tanks in fresh cut food industry: influence of the flow pattern on the biofilm build-up

Lucy Bialek, Unilever R&D, The Netherlands

Kjeld van Bommel, TNO, Netherlands

Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, University of Reading, UK
Talk Title: Safety throughout the Food Chain (Hygienic design and contamination control)

Paul Cornillon, Arla Foods, Denmark
Talk Title: Opportunities for Food Science and Technology to support the growth ambition of Arla Foods

Jan Delcour, KU Leuven, Belgium
Talk Title: From Wheat Bran to Arabinoxylan Oligosaccharides: From Production over Demonstration of Prebiotics Effects and Regulatory Aspects to Product Applications

Anna Flysjö, Arla Foods, Denmark

Harry Gilbert, Newcastle University, UK
Talk Title: Understanding complex glycan utilization in the human microbiota

Nathalie Gontard, University of Montpellier 2, France

Volker Heinz, DIL, Germany

Anne-Marie Hermansson, Chalmers University, Sweden
Talk Title: Global visions for the role of Food Science and Technology to meet societal and technological challenges

Dietrich Knorr, Technical University Berlin, Germany

José María Lagaron, CSIC, Spain

Rikard Landberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden &
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Talk Title: Effects of rye, dietary fibre and plant protein on appetite, fermentation and metabolic responses in humans

Alain Le Bail, ONIRIS, France

Peter Lillford, University of Birmingham, UK
Talk Title: Global visions for the role of Food Science and Technology to meet societal and technological challenges

Erik van der Linden, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Meso-structure engineering of foods

Anne van Loey, KU Leuven, Belgium
Talk Title: Impact of processing on structural, health and flavor properties of fruit and vegetable based foods

Knuth Lorenzen, EHEDG, Germany

Jurgen Lucas, European Commission DG research, Belgium

Christian Malmberg, Lantmännen, Sweden
Talk Title: How Lantmännen works with research?

Llorenç Milà i Canals, UNEP, France
Talk Title: A food system approach to ensure resource use efficiency

Elin Östman, Lund University, Sweden

Cornelia Rauh, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Talk Title: Process control strategies in food technology

Alastair Ross, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Talk Title: Determining what people eat without questionnaires, recalls or diaries. Is it possible?

Johan Schnürer, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Maarten Schutyser, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Talk Title: Dry fractionation for sustainable production of functional pea ingredient fractions

Walter Spiess, Past President - IAFST, Germany

Petros Taoukis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Francisco A. Tomás Barberán, European Research Council, Spain

Eva Tornberg, Lund University, Sweden
Talk Title: Rheological and microstructural properties of Dietary Fibre Suspensions-an overview

Angeliki Triantafyllou, Oatly, Sweden

Gilles Trystram, AgroParistech, France
Talk Title: Toward more efficient food manufacturing processes: Challenges and solutions.

Ingrid Undeland, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Talk Title: Adding value to seafood processing side streams –a step towards a circular economy

Willem M. de Vos, Professor and Chair of Microbiology at Wageningen University, Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Helsinki University and Finland Academy Professor.
Talk Title: Microbes Inside: About Food, Microbes and Man

Marianne Walsh, University College Dublin, Ireland

Friederike Ziegler, SIK, Sweden

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