Prof. Mike Gidley, The University of Queensland, Australia


Professor Mike Gidley is Director of the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences (CNAFS) in the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at The University of Queensland, Australia. Research themes within CNAFS include:
‘Smart Selections’ (how to identify the right combinations of raw materials and processing to deliver consumer-preferred foods),
‘Naturally Nutritious’ (maximising the intrinsic nutritional properties of agricultural products in foods and ingredients) and
‘Uniquely Australian’ (identifying and validating opportunities for elite products from foods and ingredients that can only have come from Australia).

Prof Gidley’s own research is focussed on structure - function - nutrition relationships in plant-based foods and ingredients. This has led to the detailed characterisation of starch and dietary fibre digestion and fermentation both in vitro and in vivo, with the understanding generated leading to opportunities for optimising nutritional value of foods and feeds.

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